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June 2007

  • i will be heading upstate soon for a retirement party for Mrs. Diane Warner, my Linton high school choir director! i will attempt to sing, after a short 14 year break from it.
  • it appears i have made it through a spurt of recording sessions and concert recordings (see my audio/recording page) relatively unscathed. now it's time to focus on moving in, adjusting to the new neighborhood and maybe relax a little. maybe.
  • a big thank you goes out to those who donated to the AIDS Walk cause! you raised $643! i do belive you can still make belated donations - try the link below.

    May 2007

  • AIDS Walk NY is Sunday May 20th in Central Park. please make a pledge at Charlie's AWNY Donation Page.   it's easy to do, and important to the world that we rid ourselves of AIDS.
  • PostProductions is moving! contact Charlie for the new address.

    April 2007

  • PostProductions Audio� is up and running.   PostProductions� offers music recording, production and editing services in all genres of acoustic music.  high resolution, purist or near-purist recording is the modus operandus.  the website, currently under construction, is at PostProductions Audio�.  in the meantime, feel free to contact Charlie directly for specific information. contact info is below.
  • going going, gone! my dear friend Julian will soon be graduating from one of the finest culinary institutions in NYC, studying to be a pastry chef.   ever curious what goes on at culinary school? do students get to eat their creations? find these answers and more at Becoming the Baker, Julian's fantastic (yummy!) blog.

    March 2007

  • are you on myspace? come over to Charlie's myspace page. yes, you'll see my Silent Bob Halloween costume. i have not taken up smoking.
    my page is set to private, so you'll need to add me as a friend to see it. that's easy enough, right?

  • capital letters are overrated, no? i still use caps for proper nouns and such...
  • oh and i like bullets. not the gun kind, just so we're clear on that!

    random Charlie info

    my 'regular' gig is at
    Bridge Records, Inc.
    Bridge Records, Inc.

    SACD is great!!

    SACD -or Super Audio CD- is (hopefully) the replacement for CD as we now know it... have you heard it yet?

    here's the current situation. record labels have recently waned in their support of the format, but audiophiles are trying to change that. if you heard it you would too. but wait, you can help! at Audiophile Audition, there's info on the SACD petition. it takes roughly 15 seconds to "sign" it. for the love of great sounding music, get going!!

    Charlie's former band - Confunktion Junction
    i played tenor sax in the funkalicious band ConfunktionJunction from Summer 2001 'till, well, now i guess. we're pretty much DEFUNKtion junction now, but you can still listen to (and buy) songs from our last album on:
    CJ on cd baby!cd baby and CJ on iTunes! iTunes!

    TimeOut is "the obsessive guide to impulsive entertainment" for NYC.

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